What I do

My goal is to show you that you can take control of your health by getting educated and putting the right foods on your plate.  I believe that what we feed ourselves is truly the source of well being. We live in a world reliant on prescription drugs, quick fixes, and chronic disease.  What if I told you that you can start to fix all of that, working your way towards a vibrant and healthy life, simply by learning how to listen to your body and get out of its way? Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not!

Humans lived healthy lives effortlessly for thousands of years, free from the chronic diseases that plague us today. Our bodies want to be fit, healthy, and well-functioning. What I do, is teach you how to listen to what your body is telling you it needs, and how to get out of its way and allow it to thrive.

We will be able to dive in, using in depth assessments to discover root causes to common problems by addressing foundational basics of good health: Sleep, Movement, Hydration, Vitamins & Minerals, Blood Sugar, Hormones, and the big one – Digestion.

I am currently taking a break from working with one on one clients, and primarily work with Long Branch CrossFit at Absolute Strength Gym as a coach and nutrition advisor.

You can hear my weekly take on performance nutrition every Thursday by tuning into my podcast: Is This Podcast Paleo? Available on iTunes and other podcast applications.

Stay tuned to my blog to keep updated on when my DIY Macro-Plan eBook will released, based on my Primal Precision Group Nutrition Program that has helped over 100 women reach their performance and physique goals.


Nutrition Seminars at Your GYM!
Feed the Beast: Primal Nutrition for Optimal Performance

Contact me at kristin@functionalfare.com to discuss having a nutrition seminar focused on the needs of functional fitness athletes of all types. In this seminar, we bust common nutrition and health myths, explain what nutrition actually is, and talk about how to work good nutrition into an active lifestyle. I tell you the most common mistakes I see made and how to fix them. The steps to creating your own real-food plan to help reach your training goals, and even how to meal plan to make life easier. Email for more info!

Where I’m Located

Address: Long Branch, NJ

Email: kristin@functionalfare.com