-Feed The Beast-
Primal Nutrition to Fuel Performance

In these one-day seminars, your clients will learn the basics of nutrition and how to make a plan that fit their unique needs.

The CrossFit client is unique. We care about our overall health. We train hard. We value function but appreciate form when it comes to our bodies. Our needs are different that the general population, and different than the top CrossFit athletes that we watch every year in Carson. We are the everyday athlete.

In six hours of a combination of lecture, Q & A, and interactive elements, your clients will learn:

What is nutrition?

The Foundations of good health.

How your nutrition impacts your performance in the gym.

How digestion and blood sugar management impact your health.

What minerals have to do with athletic performance.

What the roles of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats are and how to implement them properly.

Macronutrient timing for pre and post workout needs.

How to figure out how much you need to be eating for muscle gain, fat loss, or maintenance.

What supplements are helpful, worth it, and a waste of time.

How to meal plan and prep for the week to keep from spending your whole paycheck.

And much more!

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